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Monday, July 23, 2012

The News Mom's Been Dying to Hear

Dear Family,
That is super scary about the gun guy in Colorado, also it's even more scary because I have a really good friend from BYU that is from Aurora Colorado. He just finished his mission a month or so ago, His name is Michael Funk, I really hope he is ok, but thats terrible, I bet he has to know some people that were affected. 

Anyway on a happier note, everything is going good here, there are very few whack jobs that go killing people here, honestly there isn't even really gang problems either, it is a pretty safe country. 

Alrighty here is the news that mom is dying to hear....

I leave Uruguay around 9:00 am on Monday August 20 and I arrive Tuesday the 21 at like 1:30 pm.  I stop in Miami and Dallas and have tons of lay overs of course.... oh well. I should be getting the paper with all the details soon, if not today.... if i get it today i will send it to you a little later.

Besides that I do have a quick question for mom....

Is there anything specific that you want me to do with the following items....
  • My sheets ( I have a set that I used for less than a month so they are in great condition)
  • My coat (the one I got at MR Mac, I don't know if there is someone in the ward that might need it, like a future missionary ? It's in fairly good condition)
  • Sleeping bag 
  • Towels
  • Shirts
Honestly all of my stuff is in pretty good condition except my slacks and my shoes...I am giving one of my suits to an old companion, and i  already have promised away most of my footware, but i was just wondering. if there isn't anything specific, I will just give it away to people here probably

Anyway apart from that everything is going great. Pretty uneventful week. We are really putting all of our focus and effort on finding new investigators through contacts and through members. We had some pretty good experiences with some members yesterday and we are hoping that we  will get some fruits from it shortly. It's super hard for one reason because this is the smallest area that I have been in and I have been here the most time so I have already knocked all the doors many times, thankfully I haven't talked to all the people though, there are just some people that must be hiding and we have to go find them.  It's just a lot less entertaining knocking the same doors over and over again.

I am going to have to cut this email short.

I love you guys

Elder Carlson!

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