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Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday July 30, 2012

Dear Family,
Wow, my fingers are super cold, its hard to type with cold fingers.....

First in response.... I already knew the story about Stephanie Nielson because the church did a "Mormon message" about her, its really good, its called "My new Life" I think.... I have only ever seen it in spanish.  Mi nueva vida.  Anyway I bet its a good book, her story is a very inspirational one, I have used the video in many lessons.

Thanks for the travel info, I was under the impresssion that I was leaving at  9AM not 9PM so that makes things  a lot easier, way shorter layovers as well.

That is really cool about the Terry's... I didn't remember that at they served a mission in Uruguay!  But that will be really neat talking to them! You should ask them if they want me to bring them anything from Uruguay! 

Also I can't wait to see the new balcony, that will be cool, is it going to have stairs again or no? 

I hope everything is going well in school preparation for you, mom and for school at BYU for Whitney. 

It's cold down here but it has been really nice weather, I think it has rained way less than normal. Probably a bad thing for the country in general but for the missionaries it's great news!

We had a good week, we found quite a few new investigators, but I am still worried because it's possible that some of them won't progress very quickly so we are still focusing on finding. I did two intercambios, companion changes, this week. Oh ya the weird thing about this week is that the group ahead of me is finishing their missions this week, and elder Davies the elder in my house that is finishing, his parents are coming to pick him up so they are going to come and take us out to dinner on Saturday, should be fun. Elder Davies is a good guy. he is from Oregon.

I have some great news about my very first convert, Richard Vargas from Florida. Well he moved out of Florida and I lost all contact with him. When I was back in Florida for the second time I didn't ever get to see him and he was inactive so I never saw him in church.  Anyway, Elder CastaƱeda the elder that was here with elder davies one change ago got transfered to Rio Branco up in the north of our mission and he wrote Elder Davies a letter and he mentioned that my convert Richard was living in Rio Branco and is going to his ward there! I was super happy, I was actually thinking about him the otjher day because I saw a guy that looked like him, it made me really happy and I can't wait to get to talk to him and stuff when I finish!

Honestly I can't think of very much to say..... I hope everything's good! 

Elder Carlson

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