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Monday, July 9, 2012

President Armstrong

Dear Family,
Good news about our mold situation....
I started talking to members about mold and a sister in our ward went off on how she hates mold and told us a thing you can buy to prevent mold.  It's basically a disposable dehumidifier.  It's a special powder that sits in a bucket and absorbs humidity, we bought it that very day and it seems to be working well, I washed all my ties that had mold with diluted bleach and pretty much all the mold came out. With my suit I just brushed off all the mold.   I didn't want to get it wet and now nothing has come back so I think it's working. You can tell that inside the closet it's less humid because before every morning I would go into the room and the window would be covered in condensation so I would wipe it up and put my towel out to dry to take that water out of the room. Now there isn't any condensation forming.

Today we are going to go crazy on our mold killing. I cleaned all the mold in the kitchen, it worked really well, Today we are going clean the ceiling of our room, I think it will help. Right now the moldiest room is our bedroom then the bathroom then the little space between our room and the bedroom, I hope to be able to clean them all. Its going to be a little difficult because we have high ceilings.

Ya, so we had two conferences with President Armstrong this week, one for the missionaries in my zone and the other for our stake and stake leaders. We also had personal interviews with Pte Armstrong. He seems like a really good guy.  I think he's going to be really different than Pte Da Silva, but I think it will still be really good. So in my interview I asked him again about the return date and he was like oh ya thats fine you just need to coordinate it all with the assistants. So I think I will be calling today to talk to them and figure out everything. I am thinking the 21 would be a good day to fly home on, you can give me your opinion if you would like but I am going to try to get all the details done this week so your opinion might not get taken into account. But if you feel like there is a significantly better day just let me know.

Now that we are on a super trunky topic, I might as well keep it going.... Could you please send me another bank account screenshot so I can know how much money I have to spend on candy and other fun stuff to bring home?

I think that is it for the trunky questions.... Now that I think about it I was wondering why mom hasn't started giving me a countdown of days.... but you still don't know when I'm coming home so you cant! haha

Anyway this week was good, it was better weather but a lot colder, but at least there was sun. It probably helped the mold situation as well.

In the conference we talked about some good stuff, President Armstrong has been thinking a lot about what to do here, he made a pretty big emphasis on baptizing and helping the converts get to the temple in a year. I'm not going to lie,  before with Da Silva it's not like we weren't try to help converts get to the temple but Baptism was definitely the bigger focus. But it's good I think. Obviously Pte Armstrong is called of God, I just hope our missionaries don't get confused.  We are really good at doing one thing at a time.  We start messing it up when we have to do more than one.   About 7 months ago Elder Foster of the Seventy came and gave us a big presentation about working with the members so the members do the missionary work and so we are just there to support and train the members and teach.  His point was that theoretically all of the "finding" should be done by the members.   We started to try and apply what he taught us and as a mission we dive bombed in the number of baptisms!   That was definitely not the goal. I think we just need to keep focusing on baptism and and at the same time give more attention to the converts so they can get to the temple. There is a saying in spanish, I dont think we use it in English, walk and chew gum at the same time.... we will see how it goes. 

Anyway I think that's about all.

Oh yes, we had a mini 4th of July celebration. I made potato salad and we grilled steaks on a little grill we brought in the fireplace inside our house because it was raining outside and freezing cold..... It was really yummy....  :)

Elder Carlson

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